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Rule 2-220: Free Time Detention / Demurrage / Storage

Filed on: 28 September 2019
Effective: 28 September 2019

The term "Demurrage" indicates a daily charge assessed to the shipper/consignee for the use of space, the occupation of land at marine terminals and/or services provided at the carrier’s load/discharge port, rail ramp or inland container yard (CY) facility when the cargo remains in or on carrier’s containers, tanks or trailers and/or such facilities beyond the permitted free-time as stipulated per tariff or contract of the vessel operator or the marine terminal after the expiration of free time.

The term "Detention" (includes Tank Demurrage) indicates a charge for the use of equipment.

The term "Free time" indicates the grace period for which neither of these charges will be incurred. Any charges for storage, detention or demurrage of freight or containers, as a result of being in excess of the free time prescribed or agreements, assessed by vessel operators on whose vessel cargo is/was transported or terminal operator at origin point or port or destination point or port due to some default or oversight of shipper or consignee or holder of bill of lading is for the account of such shipper, consignee or holder of a relevant bill of lading ("holder").

The "Merchant" as defined by the carrier’s bill of lading and shipper, consignee, holder hereof, and owner of the goods shall be jointly and severally liable to Carrier for the payment of all detention, demurrage or storage charges before, during and after the carriage of the cargo.